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  • All of a sudden everyone sells insurance

    From stores that sale diapers to automotive to cosmetics retailers lagging in performance look to keep shareholders happy by offering insurance at the expense of Independent Insurance Agents.

Tired of losing customers because you do not have a market to place them?

Let us help you by finding a way for coverage to be quoted and offered to your customers while protecting you, the independent insurance agent or agency.

Trucking & Transportation

We have specialized programs for many types of commercial big rig trucks-buses-towing operations including: •Local, Intermediate, and Long Haul Truckers •Tow Trucks & Auto Haulers •All types of freight: Dry Freight, Reefer, Containers, Hazardous, Sand & Gravel, Agricultural, Heavy Haulers •Commercial Autos, and more •New Ventures OK! •Busing, Trucking, Limo Owner Operators and Fleets •Contingent Cargo and Liability •Dump Trucks (Sand, Dirt, Gravel) •Hazardous Waste Haulers and all risks with more than average exposure •General Commodities (Reefer, Flatbed, Dry Van) •Asphalt Haulers (Belly Dumps, Side Dumps, End Dumps) •Fuel Haulers (Gasoline, Crude Oil, Waste Oil, Hot Oil) •Wrecker Service / Tow Truck Operations/ Recovery Services •Brokerage Bonds / Contingent Cargo and Liability •Trucking Liability / Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Property

We have Commercial Property Insurance in the six major categories: 1. Office Buildings – This category includes single tenant properties, small professional office buildings, downtown skyscrapers, and everything in between. 2. Industrial – This category ranges from smaller properties to larger office service or office warehouse properties to the very large "big box" industrial properties. 3. Retail/Restaurant – This category includes pad sites on highway frontages, single tenant retail buildings, small neighborhood shopping centers, larger centers with grocery store anchor tenants, "power centers" with large anchor stores or even regional and outlet malls. 4. Multifamily – This category includes apartment complexes or high-rise apartment buildings. 5. Land – This category includes investment properties on undeveloped, raw, rural land in the path of future development. 6. Miscellaneous – Other nonresidential properties such as hotel, hospitality, medical, and self-storage developments, and many more.

Assigned Risk Plans

Almost every state has some form of backup insurance system to offer insurance protection to citizens that cannot obtain insurance from the companies authorized to do business in that state. A common problem with assigned risk plans which range from personal or commercial auto insurance to coastal and wind pool programs, FAIR home insurance plans to workers compensation is that some states assigned risk plans only provide coverage for that state, causing businesses whose employees travel to other states to have various issues, including but not limited to the possibility of an uncovered claim from an employee claiming another states benefits. This is especially true for commercial long haul truck drivers or multi-state contractors whose rates are already high and for whom it can be very difficult to obtain coverage due to the nature of their work. Help with assigned risk plans is available for many lines of business or personal policies.